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A few words about Vulli in France:

Vulli was founded in 1946, In recent years,and over the years has become a primary actor in France and well-known all over the world as aspecialist in the field of nursery items and toys for babies up to six monthes.Stocked by all baby-supplies specialists andlarge-scale distrbutors,Vulli's products-around 250 items-enjoy an excellent reputation amongst professionals as well as consumers.

The strong points of the company:

"Excellent consistency of product-range

"most of their production carried out at our Rumilly site (Haute-Savoie)

"real expertise in the fields of rotational molding of rubber and plastics injection.

 JJ Asia Distrbutions Limited was founded in May 2009 specially for the sales and distribution of Sophie la girafe in Hong kong,Macau and


We are the only company allowed to sell the Sophie la girafe brand in Hong kong,Macau and China.

Our principal is to inssure safe and high quality products for babies,That's why we choosed Sophie la girafe brand.

Our goal is to find some partners all over China to inssure a good coverage of the market.

JJ Asia Distrbutions Limited is a Hong kong based company with a French management " Jean & Jean" ( Father & Son ) are the  two shareholders of the company.

Please browse  web pages:www.vulli-toys.com

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